Fall Gospel Meeting, 2017

Our fall meeting this year with brother Larry Haverstock has come to a close. Larry’s messages had a specific visual focus to them, as they took us through a tour of the Holy Land…

Below you can click on each of the sermon titles to listen to the lessons. We are also glad to provide the powerpoint slide show for each lesson so you can follow along with Larry and see what he refers to as you listen.

For more from Larry, click on his name above. For any of our most recent sermons from other members at Gadsden, click here.

Sunday Class: The Land of Milk & Honey (powerpoint)

Sunday AM: Jerusalem in the Old Testament (powerpoint)

Sunday PM: The Jezreel Valley (powerpoint)

Monday: The Sorek & Elah Valleys (powerpoint)

Tuesday: Capernaum (powerpoint)

Wednesday: Caesarea Maritima (powerpoint)

Thursday: Dan & Caesarea Philippi (powerpoint)

Friday: Jerusalem in the New Testament (powerpoint)

Thanks again to Larry for leading such a wonderful and encouraging week of lessons!