Ladies Study Beginning

We’re happy to announce the beginning in December, and continuing on the first and third Sunday evening worship every month, the ladies of the congregation will gather for a separate study on their own.

This gets back to a tradition we used to have with Phylis McCarty leading these studies. Now, sisters Lisa Galvin and Jodie Freeland will be leading them as we look to encourage the women among our congregation and give them an opportunity during services to discuss and study God’s word together.

We encourage all the women in our congregation to participate in this study, and we hope it serves to edify you all!

Upcoming 2017 Spring Gospel Meeting!

During the week of April 9th through April 14th, Gadsden will be hosting Rob Dispennett for our annual spring Gospel Meeting! Rob will be leading us through a series titled “Welcoming the Spiritual Refugee”.

Click HERE to check out the flyer for the meeting and see the titles for each lesson. We’re very excited to host Rob for this his second time leading us through a week of meetings, and we hope you can visit one evening!