Fall Gospel Meeting Announcement!

We are excited to announce our upcoming Gospel meeting with brother Larry Ping II beginning Friday, November 12. Larry will be leading us in a study all about the eldership. We hope to learn more detail about this topic to help the Gadsden congregation, and we hope it brings you edification as well. Topics and times are as follows…

Friday, 7:30 pm – Why are there so many congregations without Elders & Deacons?

Saturday, 10:30 am – Positive & Negative Qualifications of Elders

~~~ Pitch-in lunch at Jones Greenhouse across the road ~~~

Saturday, 2:00 pm – Family Qualifications of Elders

~~~ Open Q&A Session after the Saturday afternoon lesson ~~~

Sunday, 10:00 am – The Elders’ Responsibility to the Flock

Sunday, 10:45 am – The Flock’s Responsibility to the Elders

Sunday, 6:00 pm – The Appointment of Elders & Deacons