Spring 2023 Gospel Meeting

We were so blessed to have brother Josh Welch deliver a series of lessons on Morality and Trust this past week. We believe these issues are crucial, of course, to the well-being of the Lord’s Church, but also to that of our nation…

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Fall Gospel Meeting Announcement!

We are excited to announce our upcoming Gospel meeting with brother Larry Ping II beginning Friday, November 12. Larry will be leading us in a study all about the eldership. We hope to learn more detail about this topic to help the Gadsden congregation, and we hope it brings you edification as well. Topics and times are as follows…

Friday, 7:30 pm – Why are there so many congregations without Elders & Deacons?

Saturday, 10:30 am – Positive & Negative Qualifications of Elders

~~~ Pitch-in lunch at Jones Greenhouse across the road ~~~

Saturday, 2:00 pm – Family Qualifications of Elders

~~~ Open Q&A Session after the Saturday afternoon lesson ~~~

Sunday, 10:00 am – The Elders’ Responsibility to the Flock

Sunday, 10:45 am – The Flock’s Responsibility to the Elders

Sunday, 6:00 pm – The Appointment of Elders & Deacons

Spring Gospel Meeting, 2018

Our spring meeting this year with Thailer Jimerson has concluded, and we all experienced a week of great encouragement as Thailer told some familiar stories of David in fresh ways.

Below you can click on each of the sermon titles to listen to the lessons. For more from Thailer, click on his name above. For any of our most recent sermons from other members at Gadsden, click here.

Sunday Study: David & Hannah

Sunday Worship: David & Goliath

Sunday PM: David & Jonathan

Monday: David & Peter

Tuesday: David & Saul

Wednesday: David & the Ark

Thursday: David & Bathsheba

Friday: David & the Christ

Thanks again to Thailer for leading such a wonderful and encouraging week of lessons!

Spring Gospel Meeting Next Week!

All the snow on the ground today doesn’t feel like quite the right time to be discussing spring meeting, but they are here! At Gadsden, we will be hosting Thailer Jimerson for a week long study through the Songs of David.

Thailer is a regular visitor to Gadsden where he often treats us to impassioned studies of the scripture. We enjoy every occasion to hear Thailer speak, and we hope you will visit beginning this Lord’s Day, April 8, and for the remainder of the week as Thailer leads us through many of David’s personal interactions in his life. As you can see from the flyer below, it looks like a very intriguing week ahead!

Spring meeting 2018