Fall 2021 Gospel Meeting

We were so blessed to have brother Larry Ping deliver a series of lessons on the eldership this past Friday-Sunday. After the unexpected passing of two of our elders within the past few years, Gadsden has been elderless and seeking to determine if we have men who are qualified and desire the position of elder.

Larry helped us greatly in this endeavor with each of his lessons. In the coming weeks/months we look forward to taking the steps locally to move toward having elders again. Click on the lesson titles below to see and hear each lesson, and we pray they are as profitable for you as for us at Gadsden…

Friday PM – Why Are There So Many Congregations Without Elders & Deacons?

Saturday AM – Positive & Negative Qualifications of Elders

Saturday PM – Family Qualifications of Elders

Saturday Open Q&A Session

Sunday Class – The Elders’ Responsibility to the Flock

Sunday AM Sermon – The Flock’s Responsibility to the Elders

Sunday PM Sermon – The Appointment of Elders & Deacons