2017 Kids Class Presentations

Each year we hold a short skit during our morning study hour for the kids from each class to show us what they’ve been learning and working on over the past year. Some of the kids will be moving up to the next class, so it also serves as a bit of a graduation ceremony for them!

Below are videos of each of those presentations from this year. We’re still working on our production quality 🙂 so apologies for the poor audio. We weren’t able to sync the audio recording with the video, so what you hear is what the front microphones and portable microphone could pick up. That said, I hope you enjoy these videos!we

Our Toddler Class: Teachers Karla Minglin (Left) and LeighAnn Gosewehr (Right)


Pre-K to Kindergarten Class: Teachers Lisa Galvin (Left) and Shelley Brown (Right)


1st Grade to 5th Grade Class: Teachers Jetta Hall (Speaking) Amy Sanford (Left) and Rachel Hendricks (Middle)


Jr. High to early HS Class: Teacher Jodie Freeland


Young Adults Class: Teacher Andrew Freeland